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We would like to welcome you to Golfers Jewels, where we offer our visitors an exciting experience, and one where they can enjoy the variety offered in the world of golf. A fresh look all the items interconnected by the world of golf, and things that may interest golfers.

We invite and encourage contributions from our guest bloggers and site visitors to enrich the experience for all. We offer a very simple and reasonably priced advertising opportunity for businesses, which is very easy to set up and manage.

What’s in it for me?


Golfers can enjoy topical discussions, news and ideas for new places to play and new purchases to make. Resources that range from the humorous to the practical.

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Golf Courses

We highlight many golf courses through our social media platforms and bloggers. It is wonderful to see local businesses connect with their local courses and attract golf tourists and their non – playing partners to enjoy their locality.

Golf Widows and Widowers

We did not want to overlook the non-playing partners, so we encourage aspects and topics that appeal to those non-playing golf partners. There is much information that can be obtained from a golf course and its members about what attractions there are near to a golf course, so opening their networks to share local details has to be useful to the golf tourist’s family.

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Local Businesses

We have a broadly based visitor base to our site, and by enabling businesses to identify their target market at the outset, and a very cost effective way of advertising to that market, we believe that all users will have the opportunity to benefit.

Social Media

We follow a superb array of people, who share some magnificent ideas and images with us. We get a great deal of pleasure from their contributions, and feel sure that our new users will enjoy them as well, and add to the overall satisfaction by their input too.