4 Most Beautiful Golf Courses in the U.S.

People play golf for a variety of reasons. For some, they consider it as a form of exercise. Others, however, head to the course to relax and unwind. After all, who wouldn’t feel relaxed when you’re playing outdoors, basking in the sun, breathing in fresh air and enjoying the picturesque views of the course?

In this blog post, we have made a list of some of the most beautiful golf courses in the country. These courses are incredibly refreshing and beautifully constructed; they’ll leave you in awe. Since beauty is a subjective thing, there may be courses that you think are more beautiful than those on the list.

Bandon Dunes Golf Resort

Course location: Coos County, near Bandon, Oregon

Situated along the Oregon Coast is a multiple-course resort that will blow you away. From its imaginative putting course to its sporty par-3 track, to its quartet of 18-hole stunners, there is no denying that Bandon Dunes is one of the best courses in the country. That, combined with the magnificent Pacific Coast as your backdrop, it’s not surprising why it rose to popularity and became one of the top golf destinations in the country.

Cypress Point Club

Course location: Pebble Beach, California

The calm and peaceful atmosphere, combined with its beauty will make you want to spend more time in this place. Cypress Point enters the Del Monte forest for the first 9 holes and re-emerges on the rocky coastline for the succeeding holes. This golf course is popular for having the best golf holes in the world, with holes 15th, 16th, and 17th being played along the Pacific Ocean. Its beauty is very mesmerizing and most golfers consider this as a very lovable golf course.

Cypress Point Club was consistently rated as one of the top 3 golf courses in the world since it opened in 1928.

Pine Valley Golf Club

Course location: Pine Valley, New Jersey

This place is famous for its pine cone collection and abundant natural habitat. It also prides itself on being one of the toughest courses, providing golfers consistent level of challenge and conditioning on each hole. The variety of every aspect of the course is unparalleled. It ranked number 1 in the list of “top 100 Courses in World” by Golf Digest in 2012 and 2015.

Shinecock Hills

Course location: Southampton, Long Island, New York

Established in the early 1930s, Shinecock Hill is one of the oldest formal organized golf club in the U.S. The architecture of the 126-year old course hasn’t been altered until 2012. The beauty of this place is almost impossible to describe. Because of the beautiful distractions, you are surrounded by, it can be quite difficult to focus on your game.

Shinecock Hills has already hosted the U.S. Open 4 times. It will be hosting the U.S. Open again in 2018 and in 2026.

Tips for Planning a Golf Vacation

A golf vacation is a great way to tackle new and challenging courses while taking a break from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

A lot of pressure can come with planning a golf vacation. Many of you are probably wondering where to begin your plans for your ultimate golf getaway. Don’t worry, we got you covered.

Here are some tips for planning the perfect golf vacation.

Decide where you want to go

So you’re finally embarking on your dream golf trip. Where do you want to go? Location, great golf and affordability are the 3 key factors to consider when choosing your destination.

Bandon Dunes, Pebble Beach, Sea Island, Pinehurst Resort and Robert Trent Jones are just some of the most popular destinations among golfers in the country. Meanwhile, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland represent some of the most popular bucket-list targets.

Plan ahead

If you are looking to play at popular courses, you may need to reserve a few months in advance. This is especially true if you want prime tee times. Some courses offer big discounts for early reservations. Finalize your plans as early as possible.

Choose your companions

Aside from the destination, you also need to consider who is going to part of the group. Is this a small group trip? Or is it open to all comers? This is your trip, so you get to make the call.

Invite like-minded souls who can enjoy the trip. Choosing the wrong people can sour the experience. Choose your companions wisely.

Take a day off

We understand that you’re there to play golf. Some of you may be planning on playing on as much golf courses as you can during the trip, but you’re not supposed to play golf every single day. Take a day off somewhere in the middle so you have time to explore the place, try local foods and visit some tourist attractions. Remember, too much play and competition may lead to some frayed nerves and tempers.

Great Golf Destinations to Play in the Winter

great-golf-destinations-to-play-in-the-winterWhen the temperature drops, a lot of golfers start packing up their golf clubs and put it away for a few months. Luckily, there are several destinations that offer year round golf. These places are also the home to some of the finest courses in the country.

In this blog post, we have put together some golf destinations where you can tee up and continue enjoying golf with your family or friends under the comfort of a nice, warm sunshine.

Don’t let the winter weather stop you from playing the game you love. Pack your clubs and visit these places this winter.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

This is probably one of the most popular golf destinations in the country. People flock to this area in spring and winter. Prices are affordable during this time of the year. The view is breathtaking. There are a lot of restaurants in the area. Plus, there are endless shows and events happening in the area.

With Myrtle Beach being a popular destination, some of you might be worried about the crowd. Don’t be. There are far fewer people in the Grand Strand area during the winter months. There’s never a better time to play golf in Myrtle Beach than in winter.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas golf is great year round. There are more than 50 golf courses in Las Vegas and most of them are open 365 days a year. While the rest of the country is shivering, you can head to Las Vegas to play golf.

Unlike in spring and summer, the golf courses aren’t as crowded in the winter.  In fact, you may still be able to book a tee time in popular courses like Reflection Bay, The Falls and Shadow Creek, even without booking in advance. When you’re done, you can always enjoy a great dinner, get a few drinks, watch world class shows and a little gambling action.

Phoenix, Arizona

Arizona is a haven for golf enthusiasts. Here you’ll find more than 300 golf courses, both public and private. During the winter, a lot of golfers visit Arizona to escape the cold weather and take advantage of the incredible deals.

Even if you decide to visit in winter, you can guarantee that you’re going to get sunshine 90% of the time. In fact, temperatures here are typically around 60-70 degrees. The warm winter weather is perfect for a round of golf.

Ryder Cup

On Point to the Ryder Cup

Ryder Cup

The Ryder Cup has not even begun but the controversy has.  It’s not the usual culprits of Team USA and Team Europe having a bit of boy banter.  Oh no, it’s much more complex than that.  Captain Darren Clarke of Team Europe has made his final selections and the twelve- man team is now complete – but it did not include the long anticipated inclusion of Russell Knox.  Captain Clarke says it was one of the toughest calls he has had to make in his golfing career; Knox says it lasted twenty seconds.  So I time it because I’m made like that: “Hi Russell; Hello, Darren; I’m afraid you’ve not made it this time; That’s okay, Darren; Better luck next time.  It really is a shame you hadn’t joined the European tour before you won last November; Bye, Darren”.  Of course I’m making it up but it must have had a glinting of those words in the conversation and I may be wrong here but that wasn’t difficult.  Short and to the point, yes.  Awkward, yes.  The agony only begins when you have protracted salutations and exchanges of conversation that require discussion.  I should imagine there was none to very little.  (Sorry, Darren, but the point goes to Russell.)

The lovely Darren, in his lilting Irish accent that would probably charm the creamy head off a pint of Guinness, went on to say that team is more important than “the playing bit” and team ethos was the enabler of past successes.  He sure is right in that observation.  (Take a point, Captain.)

Things got a little bit more hairy at this point, however, with Tom English of BBC Scotland, wading in with the astute comment that Knox had two ranking events left to play following his early August Travelers tournament win, and the playing therein would show his commitment and intent to qualify for the team.  He did neither, choosing instead to play on the cash cow that is The Barclays FedEx – which carries no Ryder Cup points – and doing so in spite of Clarke asking him to play at Wyndham.  (Disregarding this genuine request is not your best move, Russell, so Darren scores the point here.)

Knox appeared to become more obnoxious when he recounted in an interview with Golf Digest a couple of weeks earlier that there was a “moral obligation” to pick him and that he should be first pick of the Captain’s three wildcards.  We will never know if Clarke was swayed by that Knox-on-Knox egotistical remark but it certainly jars with Clarke’s statement of the importance of team ethos.  (Not-nice- narcissism is null and dull so the point goes unreservedly to Captain Clarke.)

Team Europe were bewitched by all of this but the Americans loved it and so did Davis Love III, Captain of Team USA.  Stirring the Ryder Cup cauldron to fever pitch, he claimed he would pick Russell, pointing out that he’s the highest ranked player not on Team Europe.  And he’s right.  Knox is ranked at 20, ahead of automatic qualifiers Cabrera Bello 27, Wood 28, Sullivan 42 and Fitzpatrick 48.  The Captain’s wildcard picks of Westwood, Kaymer and Pieters show rankings of 46, 50 and 41 respectively.  (But you’re not getting any points here, Davis.  Sorry, you’re the opposition and it’s hard enough amassing points for our own side even if they are points scored from in-house fighting.)

Love is currently lumbered with a post-op recovery from a hip replacement – a sincere and unfettered return to rude health, sir – and is doing so under a copious mound of spreadsheet statistics and a mahoosive menagerie of advice from all and sundry, and Phil Mickelson (who wants another Gleneagles speech of that calibre?), on who should be his Captain’s picks.  All sides of the Atlantic are eagerly awaiting the names of those who will fill the shoes of the four vacant spots on Team USA and, inclusive or exclusive, this Ryder Cup match promises to be like none other before with a team of veteran golfers from the US desperate for a win against a disproportioned European side that sports six raw rookies.  (Oh Darren, you may have easily won the PR exchanges with Russell but the portends for bringing home the Ryder Cup are not awarding you much by way of points here.)

It does not take long to figure that I am batting for Darren and his golfing dozen.  I have nothing against the US but I happen to live “over here” on the edge of Europe, right up close to the home of golf.  It comes naturally that I should want to hold on to the Ryder Cup – along with the throng of European supporters – but I can’t see it happening at Hazeltine.  Masters champion Willett is wilting and his form is not smouldering given his recent exit from the FedEx Cup.  Fitzpatrick has the troughs and peaks of a Big Dipper beguiling his play with his top ten finish in the Masters cancelled out by his failing to make the cut at the Open.  The lovely Kaymer has left his best form sitting back on the wire-to-wire victory of 2014.  That’s two years ago, Martin.  It seems our great hopes lie in the stratospheric Stenson and the golden Rose, the solid playing of Westwood and perhaps the recent hot shot play of Rory who seems to have found a smattering of form at last.  Musings like these brought me to the idea that maybe it was time to introduce another Captain’s wildcard – one that would allow the captain to de-select at least one automatically qualifying player if his playing was lacklustre on the run-up to the Ryder Cup.  Now that would put the proverbial cat amongst the pigeons and keep them on red alert and, if that wildcard was available to Clarke, there might have been a late shoo-in reprieve for Knox.  (But that is only conjecture and a pointless exercise.)

To Hazeltine and beyond…

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To many golfer’s struggle to take their range games to the course

For me part of the reason they struggle to do this is because how they practice. Their practice has too much technical focus. The other reason often lies with poor mental concepts on the course So this short piece is going to focus on how to be more aggressive on the course and how this will benefit you. So for me most golfers try to steer the ball around the golf course rather than ht shots with freedom and flow. They will get to a tight tee shot and try to guide the ball down the fairway. What this creates is issues with timing. If you think about running and jogging in relation to sprinting. When you sprint technique never comes into your thinking, you just go for it. But when you jog you are conscious of your strike pattern and breathing.

Play with Motion
Play with commitment
Play with intention
Play with purpose
Be engaged
Don’t fear errors
Focus on tasks
See shots as challenges

Put these thoughts and processes into your golf play for instant success without changing your swing

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Top Jack Nicklaus Designed Golf Courses

JackNicklausGolfCoursesJack Nickalus is the most decorated major champion in golf history. Not only that, Nicklaus Design is widely regarded as the leading golf course design firm in the world. Jack and his team have designed some of the award winning courses all over the world.

Nicklaus Design is responsible for more than 400 golf courses in 41 different countries around the world. So it is easy to stumble upon one of them during your golf getaway.

Here are of 4 of the best Jack Nicklaus courses you can play.

Nicklaus Course at Pronghom Golf Club – Oregon

This golf course provides a minimalist experience that emphasizes on the golf game itself, testing each player’s strategy, focus and skills. Set among the canvas of serene high desert terrain, relentless sunny weather and prime playing conditions, this award-winning golf course has emerged as a bucket-list destination for golfers of all levels.

Old Greenwood Golf Club – California

Old Greenwood Golf Club is a perfect choice for your regular rounds of golf. It offers terrific views and challenging play for golfers of every skill level. It ranked number 4 in Golf Digest’s list of America’s Finest New Upscale Public Courses. Plus, it is among the top 10 Best New Public Access Courses in the Country by Golf Magazine.

Challenge at Manelle – Hawaii

Perched atop 200-foot cliff, Manelle Golf Course boasts dramatic, unspoiled terrain as a stunning backdrop. The course features 3 holes on cliffs, which use the Pacific Ocean as a water hazard.

The spectacular natural setting of the Manelle Course is one of the main reasons why Bill Gates chose the 12th teebox as his wedding site.

Harbour Town Golf Links – South Carolina

Harbour Town Golf Links is a public golf course that opened in 1969. It was Nicklaus’ first formal foray into architecture, which earned him co-design credit with Pete Dye. It is consistently ranked high among top courses in America by Golf Week, Golf Digest and Travel & Leisure.

It is considered as one of the most distinguished PGA Tour golf courses, attracting legends such as Love III, Norman, Palmer and Nicklaus. Rather than focusing on strength, Harbour Town places a premium on shot-making, imagination and finesse.


Best Golf Courses in Dallas, Texas


In 2013, Dallas, Texas won Golf Digest’s #1 Golf City in the United States. This is not surprising considering that there are more than 100 public golf courses in the Dallas-Fort Worth area alone.

Heading to Dallas this summer? Don’t miss the chance to tee it up at these top tracks.

TPC Four Seasons at Las Colinas – Irving, Texas

Home to the AT&T Byron Nelson, the PGA Tour and its top players descend upon the TPC Four Seasons Las Colinas every year. The golf course was originally designed by Jay Morish, along with player consultants Ben Crenshaw and Byron Nelson in 1982. In 2008, it was redesigned by architect Steve Wolfard and former PGA tour and current Champions Tour player D.A. Weibring. Today, the TPC Four Seasons offer a new layout, which is designed to be inviting to recreational players, yet challenging for professional players.

Tierra Verde Golf Club – Arlington, Texas

If you’re looking for a challenging course with gorgeous sceneries, be sure to include Tierra Verde on your list. Opened in 1998, this award-winning golf course is the 1st municipal golf course to be certified as an Audobon Signature Sanctuary.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, you are sure to enjoy an unforgettable experience at Tierra Verde. Here, they have 4 distinctively different courses that cater to players of every level of experience.

Tribute Golf Club – The Colony, Texas

The Tribute Golf Course pays homage to the legendary courses of Scottland like the Old Course at St. Andrews, Prestwick, Royal Troon and Muirfield. As far as replica-type courses go, this one is as good as it gets. It features some of the finest elements of traditional Scottish golf such as challenging water hazards, sea washed grasses and wind-swept dunes. It also consistently ranks as one of the America’s 100 Greatest Public Courses and one of the top Public Golf Courses in the Dallas area.

Cowboy’s Golf Club – Grapevine, Texas

Etched into the rolling hills of Grapevine Texas, Cowboy’s Golf Club scores a touchdown with its design and presentation. With the attention to detail that went into this club, it’s no wonder Cowboy was recognized as one of the best golf courses in the area. In fact, it has won several awards and accolades since it opened in 2001. In addition, this golf club is the only NFL-themed golf complex in the world.


Golf in the Colorado Mountains

coloradogolfOver the years, a slew of new mountain layouts have sprouted throughout the state like wildflowers. With rolling hills of forest, soaring mountain peaks and golden plains set beneath blue, marble sky, playing golf in Colorado will make you feel like you’ve been transported into a painting.

When it comes to views, price and conditions, the Colorado Rockies are an ideal place to play golf. If you want to entertain clients or simply want to enjoy a round with your friends, you might want to splurge on some of the best courses in the Rocky Mountains.

Four Mile Ranch Golf Club

Four Mile Ranch Golf Club is a hidden jewel at the gateway to the Rockies. It is as challenging as it is scenic. It features greens that play hide-and-seek behind rocky hogbacks. These greens will not only challenge your skills, it will also put your ability to strategize to the test. It is like no other course you have played.

Golf Club at Bear Dance

The Golf Club at Bear Dance is a terrific choice, whether you’re looking for a new destination or just want to play a regular round of golf for with your buddies.

Consistently rated as Colorado’s best and most challenging public golf course, it offers stunning views of the Front Range and surrounding landscapes of the Rocky Mountains. It also boasts of 18 holes of pure championship golf.

Castle Pines Golf Club

Situated among refreshing pines and 600 feet of elevation changes, the Castle Pines Golf Club offers stunning mountain views. As you make your way around the rugged terrain, you’ll be rendered speechless by the incredible views of the Rocky Mountains and Denver skyline.

This championship golf course is designed by Jack Nicklaus. It was designed to follow the natural contour of the land.


Top Golf Courses in Asheville, North Carolina

golf-in-ncAsheville is known for its golf courses. The city boasts over 20 championship golf courses that features gently undulating terrain, sprawling bent grass greens and lush fairways. The mountains around Asheville provide a magnificent setting for a game of golf. And since snow rarely covers the courses, Asheville golf courses are open year round.

Country Club of Asheville

Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Country Club of Asheville offers a picturesque and relaxing setting for a day on the links. This 18-hole championship course was originally founded in 1894, which makes it North Carolina’s oldest course. In 1928, Donald Ross was commissioned to recreate the 6,638-yard course.

Reems Creek Golf Club

Reems Creek is located 8 miles north of downtown Ashevile. The golf course was designed by Hawtree and Son of Oxford, England. The layout of this course is reminiscent of the look and feel of the Scottish Highlands. Reems Creek has constantly been rated 4-stars on Golf Digest’s prestigious “Places to Play” list.

Grove Park Inn Golf Course

This legendary golf course was originally designed by Donald Ross in 1926, and was overhauled in 2001 to bring the design closer to its original Ross layout. The 18-hole course features 6,600 yards of golf from the longest tees for a par of 70.

In 2004, Grove Park was named by Golf Digest as 1 of the 10 courses in the U.S. that is 100 years old or more. In 2005, it was included in Golfweek Magazine’s America’s best list.

Asheville Municipal Golf Course

Established in 1927, the Asheville Municipal Golf Course in considered as one of the oldest courses in Western North Carolina. It offers beautiful views of the Blue Ridge Mountain. Designed by golf architect Donald Ross, the 18-hole golf course was designed to be fun and challenging at the same time.