Do You Really Need To Wear Golf Shoes?

When we think of golf equipment, golf clubs, balls, and bag are the first things that come to mind. After all, you can’t play golf without them. Some players even make it a point to upgrade their equipment in the hopes of improving their game. However, most golfers tend not to put much thought in selecting their footwear.

Just because some courses allow players to wear sneakers or rubber shoes, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to get golf shoes. This is fine if you’re just trying out the game. But if you’re looking to play golf on a weekly basis, then we recommend that you buy one.

Here are some of the reasons why you should invest in a good pair of golf shoes.


A golf game usually takes about 4 to 5 hours. During the game, golfers will have to stand and walk the majority of the time. If you’ll be playing 18 holes, you’ll be walking a distance of about 5 to 6 miles. Some would even carry their golf bags while walking the course. As such, it is important to wear something you’ll be comfortable in.

Today’s golf shoes are made from lighter and suppler materials. This means they are more comfortable for the golfers. We also recommend getting golf shoes that are waterproof, so your feet stays dry even in wet conditions. If you’re not wearing a pair of comfortable shoes, your golf game will suffer. It will be difficult for you to produce good shots if all you think about is how painful your feet are.


Golfers need shoes with spikes prevent their feet from moving as they swing the club. The spikes provide stability and more traction. They help golfers get a toe hold, preventing their feet from slipping or sliding during a golf swing. Cleated shoes are especially important if you’re playing on a wet, hilly course.

During the earlier times, golfers used to wear shoes with metal spikes. Later on, courses banned the use of metal spikes as they tend to ruin the greens. Because of this, manufacturers have decided to do away with the metal spikes and replace them with soft plastic spikes. This will help preserve the condition of the greens while still providing players the stability they need.


Nike to Release Vintage Air Jordan 1 Golf Shoe

If you’re a golf fan and a Jordan sneaker enthusiast, we have great news for you. It appears that Nike is set to release a golf version of the vintage Air Jordan 1. Special thanks to the guys at for confirming what many of us hoped was coming.

Although the release date and price hasn’t been confirmed yet, it is rumored to be released early next year.

We first saw a sample of the said golf shoe when Marcus, Michael Jordan’s son, leaked some photos of it a few months ago. Now that the official photos are out, then the vintage Air Jordan 1 will no longer be limited on the basketball court. In a few months time, we’ll also be seeing them on the golf course.

The sneakers looks exactly like the very first Jordan shoe that was released in 1985. But if you look closely, you will notice that the midsole is a bit chunkier and that there are turf spikes beneath the sole.

This isn’t the first time a Jordan sneaker has been turned into a golf shoe. In fact, there are already some golf shoe versions of other Air Jordans available in the market – the Air Jordan 6 golf shoe, Jordan IX Retro golf shoe and the Jordan Trainer ST golf shoes just to name a few. Nike is planning to produce more and more golf shoes and golf apparel from the Jordan Brand. This is isn’t surprising since Michael Jordan is an avid golfer as well.

In a culture that is so obsessed with the newest and most hi-tech, many of you are probably wondering why are people so eager to get their hands on this classic pair of sneakers? The answer is simple. It’s Michael Jordan’s introduction to the NBA. It was the shoe that started it all. It changed the level of play on the basketball court. Now, every golf fan and Jordan enthusiast is waiting for these pair of shoes.

How Crucial is Grip Size to Your Golf Game?

golf-gripProper golf grip can make a massive difference to your game. It allows you to hold the club properly and affects to the overall feel of the club. The right grip can also have a huge impact on a golfer’s ability to shoot lower scores. As such, getting the right grip size is one of the most important things a golfer should be aware of. Unfortunately, most golfers do not realize the importance of getting the right grip size.

Without proper grip, making consistent golf shots can be a challenge. This is because the wrong grip size won’t allow the hands to work as they ideally should during a golf swing.

Most men don’t like the word small, so majority of them make the mistake of buying grips that are too big for them. But when it comes to golf grip, bigger is not always better. A grip that is too large may inhibit the wrist action. It could prevent you from rotating the clubface quickly enough to return to the square position at impact.

An oversized grip may also contribute to a loss of distance. Ultimate distance can never be achieved with a large grip. To gain control of the club, golfers will have to grip it tighter than is ideal. The more grip pressure the golfer has to use to maintain a secure hold on the club, the more likely will it lead to inconsistent swing and shorter shot distance.

Conventional knowledge tells us that men with small hands are going to need smaller grip size than men, who have giant hands. Here, grip size is based on a golfer’s hand size, glove size or the measurement chart. Today, however, experts suggest that the golfer’s comfort is the key to getting the proper grip size. This is essential so they can maintain a secure hold on the club without muscle contraction in the forearms or excess grip.

The only way to know which one to use is to keep a set of different grip size samples. Through this method, they can decide what their most comfortable grip size is.

How to Make Your Golf Clubs Last Longer

how-to-make-your-golf-clubs-last-longerThe use of good equipment is needed to enjoy an excellent round of golf. This is why experienced golfers invest in a nice set of clubs.

Golf clubs can be a costly investment. As such, regular maintenance should be regarded as part of your game. It is necessary to make sure they are well kept and maintained to make them last longer.

You can prolong the life of your golf clubs with these simple suggestions.

Store them in climate-controlled spaces

You might be tempted to leave your clubs in the trunk of your car if you usually play golf 2 to 3 times a week, but please resist the urge to do so.

The trunk of your car can get very hot, especially during the summer months, which may cause the resin and glues under the grips to weaken. Also, the grips may harden and crack when exposed to cold temperatures over a long period of time. It is best to store your clubs in an indoor closet or in a dry place at room temperature.

Do a spot check regularly

Golfers should be vigilant in checking all the clubs in their bag before heading to the course. This is important even if you haven’t played golf for a few months. Regular inspection will help you identify certain problems and prevent them from getting worse.

Check your club heads regularly for scratches, dents and rust. Also, check grips for wear. If you notice any cracks, fading and slippery spots, it’s probably time to replace them.

Keep them clean

With your clubs raising the grass and striking the dirt on nearly every shot, we advise that you bring a towel with you and wipe your clubs after each shot. This is important so as to get rid of dirt, sand, grit, and any loose debris off the head of the club that may interfere with your shot accuracy. It can also prevent nicks and scratches.

Keeping your clubs clean will not only look better, it can also help your equipment last longer. Clean your clubs using a bucket of lukewarm water and mild dish soap after your game. Make sure the clubs are completely dry before placing them back in your bag. Moisture and humidity can wreak havoc on your golf clubs.

Do you Slice your Driver?

Most golfers have a problem slicing their Driver, but not the other clubs. This would, of course, not happen if all the clubs were matched. In a matched set of clubs, all the clubs will go straight, as long as you can hit any one club straight.  So why does the Driver slice? Because the moment of inertia of the Driver is too large compared to its overall weight.  This causes the hands to be too far forward at impact. In other words, you are hitting the ball with an open face.  As your hands are too far forward at impact position they are now on a path towards the left, away from the ball, causing a slice spin.gj-guest-blogger-9-12-16

The large moment of inertia of the modern Driver is mainly caused by the increased length of the Driver.  In an attempt by golf club manufacturers to produce more distance, they have increased the length of the Driver.  This may work for you if you are able to steer the club with your wrists into a position where you can control the ball flight.  Steering should not be necessary.  It complicates the game as you have to steer each club differently, as they are not matched.  If your clubs are properly matched they should all behave as intended with relaxed wrists.  Relaxed wrists will also provide more distance.

Golf club manufacturers are fighting the open face by manufacturing Drivers with a closed face.  However, the slice spin remains as your hands are moving right to left at impact.  Some club manufacturers try to further reduce the slice by adding movable dead weight to the club heads.  The dead weight further increases the moment of inertia of the club which again will add to the problem.  When moving the weights around on the clubhead the center of gravity of the clubhead is no longer aligned with the geometric sweet spot, causing further problems.  This all adds up to a very unstable condition.  It is like trying to balance a ball on top of another ball.

When adding weight to the grip end of the club, your hands will slow down slightly.  And due to the added weight, you body will create more kinetic energy.  This added kinetic energy translates to added club head speed.  Meaning that your club will release faster making your club head catch up with your hands.  The BioMatch method of matching golf clubs calculates the exact weight to be added to each of your clubs for the club head to catch up with your hands exactly at the point of impact.

The BioMatch method calculates the specific weight to be added to the grip end of all your clubs.  The BioMatch system is available online at  The weights that are specified in the BioMatch Report can be ordered by a click of a button.  The weights are easily installed with the accompanying tool.

It is a lot easier to learn and maintain one swing rather than 13.  BioMatch does magic to any golfer´s game.

Wearing a Golf Glove

Do You Need to Wear a Golf Glove to Play?

Wearing a Golf GloveGolf gloves are an important part of a golfer’s apparel. If you play golf or watch it on television, you may notice that the vast majority of golfers around the world wear one. Professional golfers, both men and women, along with all other golfers on the course wear a golf glove. But the truth is that you don’t need to wear a golf glove to play the game.

Originally, professional golfers play with their bare hands. This is because they prefer the feel of their hands directly on the golf club shaft. It was only during the 1890s when golf gloves began to appear in golf catalogs and journals. This provides an added protection for a golfer’s hand.

Worried about developing calluses on their hands and fingers, beginner golfers were happy about the idea and started wearing them. Professional golfers, on the other hand, refused to wear gloves, but eventually gave in.

Typically, golfers wear a golf glove on their non-dominant hand. Left-handed golfers wear it on their right hand while right-handed golfers wear it on their left hand. This helps improve their grip on the club and prevents the clubs from slipping out of their hands. It also protects a golfer’s hand from developing blisters after repeatedly swinging the golf club. In addition, golf gloves are beneficial, especially when playing in extreme heat, rain or cold weather.

While a golf glove is not a requirement to play golf, it is hard to play well without them.

Buying golf gloves

When buying a golf glove, it is important to get one that fits properly. A tight glove can become uncomfortable and cause your hands to perspire in the process. A lose glove, on the other hand, can cause slipping.

Material is also an important thing to consider when choosing golf glove. Golf gloves are usually made from leather, synthetic or a combination of both. A lot of golfers prefer leather gloves because they get a better grip with leather. Plus, they feel better and fit more perfectly. Synthetics are also a good choice because they are more durable and more flexible than leather. Plus, you don’t need to replace them as often as you do with leather gloves.


Things to Consider When Buying Golf Shoes


A lot of golfers fail to realize this, but one of the most important things you need for your golf game can’t be found on your bag. In fact, some of you may be wearing them right now. We’re talking about your golf shoes.

Majority of golfers walk on the golf course throughout the game. A good pair of golf shoes plays a big role in your performance and enjoyment on the golf course.

There are several factors to consider when buying a pair of golf shoes. Here are some of them.


An average game usually takes about 4 – 5 hours. Considering that you’ll be on your feet majority of the time, a comfortable pair of golf shoes is a must. For the walking golfer, opt for a lightweight, flexible shoe. The lighter a shoe is, the more comfortable it will be.


Obviously, you need to get the right size. When fitting golf shoes, we suggest that you measure both of your feet before selecting a size. If you get different measurements, get a size that fits the bigger foot. To help you determine the right fit, make sure that you wear socks that you usually wear on the course.


Golf shoes can range from $35 to $300. Sometimes, it costs more than that. As you probably know, synthetic leather shoes are a lot cheaper than fine calfskin leather shoes. But they’re more comfortable on your feet. The more expensive golf shoes will feel better on your feet and will last you longer. Just like in most things, you get what you pay for in golf shoes.


Your choice of golf shoes has never been more varied than it is now. Today, golf shoes come in a variety of styles and colors. This includes athletic styling, trendy styles, traditional saddle and even golf sandals for those who like that laidback approach to the game.

Material used

The material of the shoes is one of the most important things to consider when buying a golf shoe. This is because it affects the comfort, durability and the support the shoe will provide.

Leather shoes can withstand longer use and are predominantly more comfortable than any other material. Polyester is both thinner and lighter than other materials, but is nearly not as durable as leather. Goretex is thick, sturdy and waterproof, which makes it a great option for golfers who play in colder weather.

Best Sunglasses to Wear on the Golf Course

sunglasses_5.11Aah, summertime. The temperatures are rising. The days are longer, and golfers are taking advantage of the bright sunshine, calm winds and the perfect weather.

For those who love playing on a hot summer day, golf sunglasses are a must-have. Some golfers feel that wearing sunglasses make it more difficult to play golf, but the bright sun is not only distracting, it can also be dangerous. Yes, wearing sunglasses can distort contrast, perception and depth, but it’s not enough reason not to wear them on the golf course.

If you are looking for sunglasses to wear on the golf course, you might want to check the items on our list.

Tifosi Jet Wrap Sunglasses – $30.87

If you want great value sunglasses that look just as stylish as the premium brands, then be sure to pick up a pair of these. At only $30, the Tifosi Jet Wrap Sunglasses has shatterproof, non-polarized lenses that offer 100% protection against harmful UV rays. Aside from that, it also features TR-90 shatterproof frames, as well as adjustable temples to allow better fit and comfort.

JiMarti JM01 Sunglasses – $29.95

If you’re looking for durable sunglasses that do not come with a hefty tag price, then this is the one for you.

The JiMarti JM01 sunglasses come with a flexible, shatterproof TR-90 frame, along with polycarbonate lenses that is guaranteed to be unbreakable. It also comes with a lifetime warranty. So in case it breaks, the company will send you a new pair right away.

When it comes to eye protection, the JM01 also seem to do a great job. It offers UV400 protection, which means it filters out 99 to 100% of UVA and UVB light.

Oakley Men’s Flak Jacket Sunglasses – $150

Oakley makes sunglasses that do not only make you look cool; they also deliver inventions wrapped in art. The Oakley Flak Jacket, for instance, comes with interchangeable nose pads and non-polarized lenses, allowing users to choose a fit that is most comfortable to them. The lenses are also designed to filter out 100% of UVA, UVB and UVC rays. They also help increase contrast and provide depth perception and enhanced clarity.

Tips for Buying Golf Bags

golfbagsOut of all the golf equipment, the bag is often the least carefully considered but is actually one of the most beneficial golf equipment. Your golf bag carries everything, from your clubs to your accessories and personal belongings. So it makes sense to get something that matches your needs.

Getting the right golf bag ensures your comfort and enjoyment on the golf course. Keep these things in mind when buying a golf bag.


If you frequently walk on the course and carry your bag around, then this is an important factor to consider. Choose a bag that is light enough that you won’t have trouble carrying it throughout the round.

Bag type

  1. Carry bags – Carry bags do not have stands. This bag is ideal for golfers who do not want to take their full set of clubs to the course as it can only hold a few clubs, balls and tees.
  2. Stand bags – Stand bags have 2 retractable legs, which allow the bag to stand upright. Unlike the carry bags, stand bags can hold a full set of clubs.
  3. Cart bags – A cart bag is ideal for golfers who use a golf cart, trolley or a buggy. Weighing around 6 to 7 pounds, these bags are not the best option if you’re planning to walk the course. The pockets are located on one side, which makes them accessible to even if the bag remains strapped to the back of the cart.


Nylon, polyester and synthetic leather are the most common materials used in golf bags today. They are water-resistant and are more durable as compared to leather. Opt for golf bags with high quality materials.


Pockets provide you a space to place all your golf equipments and accessories. Make sure that your bag has enough pockets to accommodate all your equipment and personal items.

Look for a bag that comes with accessory pockets, rain pocket, valuable pockets and thermal pocket. You may not think a valuables pocket is important until your watch gets banged against the side of the cart.


Choosing the Right Golf Club for Every Shot

golfclubThe sheer variety of golf clubs you need can be overwhelming. Whether you’re carrying a starter set with just 9 or 10 clubs or a full set of 14, choosing the right golf club is one of the most important decisions a golfer has to make before a shot. Unfortunately, most beginners and some intermediate golfers have no idea which golf club to use for which golf shot.

In this blog post, we’ll give you some pointers to help you determine which club to use for a particular shot. Here are a few guidelines that will help you get started.


Proper club selection is the key to improving your scores and increasing the number of greens you hit. The distance of each of your clubs should be considered when choosing the right club. The best place to find the distance is at the practice range.

If there is no one on the range and you’re not quite sure about the distances, we suggest that you use a GPS. Hit 10 balls or more, get the measurements for each solid hit and average them out. This is your club distance.

Consider using a sand wedge if your club yardage is 80 yards, 9 iron for a distance of 115 yards and 8 iron for a club distance of 130 yards.

Fairway conditions

It is important to take fairway conditions into consideration in order to choose the correct golf club. It may be a good idea to use a stronger club if you are in a deep rough or when you’re fighting wind.  You may need to use a club that provides more distance if the evergreen is elevated. You may want to lay up and hit short if you notice an obstacle or a hazard on your target line.

Types of clubs

Specific clubs are designed for different situations. Higher numbered irons are used for shorter shots; while low numbered irons are for longer shots. Hybrid clubs are for getting shots of 150+ yards airborne. The driver is used when you need to achieve long distance off the tee.